CRT TV’s and Lead Glass Recycling Technologies

We are market leaders on the TV’s recycling sector operating on the WEEE market for almost 10 years. Our solutions includes all key phases of the process:

- We have a deep experience in designing, installing and operating first treatment processes for TV’s containing CRT. From Engineering to Operations we offer turn key solutions to our customers.
-  We have developed along with our business partners the first proven technology in the world to succeed in extracting all the lead contained in the CRT funnel glass with a cold-hydrometallurgical process. This unique process, ensure the full recovery of the lead inside the CRT that is becoming an important challenge to achieve the required recycling rates and the needed environmental performance.

The key advantages of our process in relation to traditional technologies to treat CRT’s TV’s and Lead Glass:

  • Simple and efficient First Treatment process, designed to optimize the out-put production, maximize the recycling of the materials available and prepare the Glass for final treatment on our Lead Recovery Plant (Second treatment).
  • With our technology Lead Recovery Technology, we are able to transform a problem, the CRT lead glass, into 3 valuable raw materials:

o   Lead  
o   Soluble silicates 
o   Insoluble silicates

  • Complete material recovery – no utilization of landfill, no waste;
  • Environmental friendly process with no emissions;
  • Cold-hydrometallurgical process;
  • Completely automated process;
  • Flexible process capable of recover Lead from other lead contained glass.
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