Electric Electronic Waste recycling

There are several technics that can be utilized to recycle Electric Electronic Waste. Some process are very manual and requires a great amount of man power, some are extremely sophisticated and automated (i.e.: involving large mechanical shredding, expensive separation techniques and smelting processes) but it requires very high investments. Our Solution for Electric Electronic Waste Recycling was designed to optimize the valorisation of the materials coming out of the plant (i.e. Ferrous, Copper, Aluminium, and others) with a reduced plant dimension/Investment, highly automated and with low utilization of manpower. This Environmentally friendly, compact and innovative, process represents a big step towards an efficient and responsible Electric Electronic Waste recycling.
The key advantages of our process in relation to traditional technologies to treat Electric and Electronic Waste:

  • Our Electric Electronics Waste process is designed to optimize:

o  Investment required: much lower than traditional plants that treat this type of material 
o  Manual intervention: limited to few working stations securing correct depollution and material sorting 
o  Degree of separation of the outgoing material: clean and well separated materials - best cost vs benefit ratio regarding fractions valorisation

  • Flexible process, having the possibility to have several waste streams as input material (SDA/LDA/IT/PC);
  • Reduced plant dimension with scalable capacity;
  • Purely pneumatic material flow inside and between machines
    (continuous material cooling by air)
  • Innovative milling process, with no traditional cutting or grinding tools, reducing energy consumption and increasing material recovery;
  • Limited maintenance costs;
  • Easy to operate process.
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