Solar Panels Recycling

Solar Panel is a growing technology around the world. Today, the highest installed capacity of Solar panels is still in Europe, but several other regions are quickly expanding its installed capacity (i.e.: APAC and China). Until today, Solar Panel recycling has not been done on a large scale, but the substitution process is increasing rapidly. Our technology, developed along with our partners, is active for some years already, and it is a simple and reliable solution to the need of recycling Solar Panels, that will grow exponentially over the next years. The key principle of our process is to delaminate the panels and to recover the glass contained on it. After that, the material undergoes a cutting process to divide the Solar panel into small stripes. The process includes also a further mechanical treatment of the remaining material, that is automatically sorted into several valuable fractions such as Conductors, plastics and silicon powder.
The key advantages of our process to Recycle Solar Panels:

  • Dedicated “ad hoc” process to treat Solar Panels on an industrial, efficient and environmental friendly manner;
  • Purely mechanical process – no utilization of chemicals, no emissions and material contamination;
  • Flexible process, that can handle different panel dimensions and types:

o  Double/Mono crystalline single glass layer
o  Thin film double glass layer

  • Low energy consumption;
  • Best valorisation of the output materials:

o  Glass
o  Plastics
o  Silicon
o  Metals

  • Full material recovery, no need to utilize land fills.
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