Sorting of used batteries and Recycling of Alkaline batteries

Every year more than 5 billion portable batteries are put on the market in Europe. The vast majority of it ~70% are Alkakine batteries. The batteries collected are of several different types and sizes (i.e.. Alkaline, Zinc Carbon, Li-on, Lithium, AA, AAA, 9V, ecc) and its sorting represents a real challenge. Current “recycling” process of batteries most of the times consume a lot of energy and are not the most environmental friendly processes (furnaces). Our process can solve both of this issues, sort all the batteries arriving from the house holds/ Business collection on an automated way, by size, and by type, and to fully recycle the alkaline batteries on an environmental friendly manner, utilizing a cold hydrometallurgical process recovering pure raw materials like Zinc , Manganese and Potassium.
The key advantages of our process in relation to traditional technologies to sort used batteries and Recycle Alkaline batteries:

  • Environmental friendly process with no emissions, no furnace utilization, low energy consumption;
  • 100% sorting of chemical content of the batteries;
  • Innovative “Smart cut” of the battery case;
  • Cold-hydrometallurgical process;
  • Completely automated process with low utilization of man power;
  • Full material recovery, no need to utilize land fills;
  • Low investment
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