Lead Battery Recycling (Under development)

Lead battery recycling is a kwon issue within the recycling industry around the globe. However the current lead battery recycling technics have several constraints and critical issues related to significant lead losses, cost of disposal and treatment because of high level of slag, high environmental impact (emissions and landfill related) and working conditions that expose workers to health and safety risks.
Along with our partners, we have developed the only process for the treatment of lead-acid battery paste taking place completely in liquid phase at low temperature.
This technology allows to obtain the following products:

• Metallic lead;
• PbCO3;
• PbO;
• Pb2O3;
• PbO2;
• Active Paste ready for new batteries.

Our Technology for lead batteries recycling has several benefits:

  • Significant Energy consumption Reduction;
  • 98% Waste Reduction;
  • 100% Harmful Emissions Reduction;
  • 100% of battery components being recycled with sustainable process.

Additional advantages also includes:

  • Flexibility to adjust the output of the process according to battery producers specifications and needs;
  • Savings at the manufacturing process plant with the supply of a high quality and lower cost lead paste;
  • Emission levels NO LONGER a Limiting Factor -Potential Increased Capacity at Existing Plants;
  • Marketing Advantage due to a Sustainable Process;
  • Competitive Advantage with more valuable and higher quality products.
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