ECOAIR is a portfolio of technologies for the reduction of pollutant emissions from industrial processes into the atmosphere. They represent an effective solution for the abating of:

  • volatile organic compounds in air and gas streams;
  • ozone;
  • ethylene oxide;
  • ammonia and amines;
  • styrene;
  • micromoles resulting from combustion processes.

Each technology family presents significant benefits compared to the main adopted solutions. The VOC abatement technologies are, for instance, characterized by high efficiency and a lower operating temperature. They allow a smaller size reactor and, therefore, a smaller footprint, thus reducing investment costs. Furthermore, low-temperature combustion means that NOx are not produced as by-products of conversion, which is usually the major drawback in the thermal conversion at high temperature.

The objectives we pursue when defining the criteria to select the most suitable solution are twofold:

  • zero environmental impact of the production process in question
  • obtain the above with the lowest operating costs and, where possible, recover energy and/or materials from the abatement process.
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