Municipal Waste Treatment:

Our solution, is the best technology available on the market to treat Municipal Solid Waste, as it arrives from the households (municipal waste collection) and transform it into a Secondary Solid Fuel of unique characteristics with extremely high burning power and small grain size utilizing. The process utilizes a unique Chain Mill Shredder, called Rocket that allows the process to achieve better results in comparison to traditional technologies to produced Secondary Solid Fuel.

The key advantages of our process in relation to traditional technologies to treat Municipal Solid Waste:

  • Simple and reliable technology able to handle all the unsorted was as it is; 
  • One single grinding step without cutting knives;
  • Lower investment and maintenance costs over the time;
  • Output material of a superior and constant burning power compared to traditional SSF;
  • Capacity to replace coal up tp 90% in key combustion processes (i.e.: cement production and production of energy in power plants);
  • Improved emission to the atmosphere during the combustion process compared to traditional process utilizing coal/carbon fossil;
  • No need to utilize land fills.
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